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MDI Rock specializes in natural stone products designed to enhance and harmonize with the natural beauty of the American Southwest. We’ve been providing quality landscape rock products in Arizona and beyond since 1988.

We carry over 50 colors of decorative groundcover, plus riprap, flagstone, topsoil, sand, gravel, and a huge selection of boulders. Our accent boulders range from basketball size all the way up to compact car size and larger.

We deliver from our Phoenix, Queen Creek, or Prescott locations to all points. Whether you’re across the street or around the globe, we will gladly accommodate you. Not only do we deliver, our state-of-the-art placement crane will help you get the right boulder just where you want it for a reasonable price.

Visit our products page and contact us for the latest deals. Browse the website for product information and photos or see a photo gallery of various products, equipment and facility. We look forward to working with you!


MDI "Rocks" the Trucking Industry

MDI Rock owner Mike Denny always had a fascination with big trucks. But his journey to operating a trucking company would first take him to the far side of the globe and later into a different type of "horsepower." This roundabout path to becoming the Valley's largest locally owned landscape rock supply company is an unusual tale.

Denny grew up in Skull Valley, a small town located west of Prescott where his father was a rancher. "I often hitched a ride on big trucks carrying cattle or hay to our ranch," he recalls. "I own the first truck I ever rode in: a bull-nose Kenworth belonging to Lemons Livestock."

With the growth of MDI Rock, Denny works to maintain a positive culture at his business. "I have found that most times you hire for skill and fire for fit," he says, discussing his management philosophy. "Thus, it's so important to find people that fit into the culture of our organization even if they may not have the skill set. We can teach that if they embrace our core values."

When asked what his company's biggest challenge was, Denny replied, "Trucks LOL!" He went on to say that, "personally, it's the risk involved knowing that we have all these big machines out there and mistakes can happen that may hurt my people or those around us. I always have this sense of relief on Saturday afternoon when I know that the fleet is parked for the rest of the weekend," he added.

Besides trucking and operating an 85-acre rock quarry in Dewey, MDI Rock recently started a Green Waste Recycling Program. They haul lawn trimmings from landscape contractors to Dewey, grind it up, and compost it for resale.

You know you're in the right business when you unwind from your job—by doing more work. Denny confesses that his form of relaxation is driving one of his trucks. "I love the opportunity to jump in a truck and haul some equipment or run a loader for a bit. There's also this hobby (or disease!) of collecting old trucks."

When asked about the future of MDI Rock, Denny said he hopes to continue improving on what the company has built to serve their customers better. This includes potentially opening additional rock yard locations and perhaps another quarry operation.

He adds, "And, yes, we'll buy more used trucks and fix them up like new!"



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