Texas Rose

MDI Rock is excited to introduce Texas Rose, the newest color from our historic Dewey Quarry. Texas Rose light pink with light gray mixed throughout and some hints of brown. This unique color can be used in any landscape area.

MDI Produces several sizes of this product including rip rap and boulders. The unique fracturing of this stone leaves many flat faces, making it an ideal stone for stacked stone walls (as seen by the natural stone walls at MDI Rock's Phoenix Location).

What kind of rock is it and why call it Texas Rose?

Texas Rose is very old according to geologic studies, estimated to date back about 1.7 billion years (give or take a few million years)! This is the same age as rocks found on the bottom of the Grand Canyon! In "Geologist Speak," Texas Rose is Rylolitic Meta Tuffaceous rock which is found near the Shylock and Brushy Wash Fault Lines within the Texas Gulch Formation. We thought Texas Rose had a better ring to it.

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Texas Rose 1"
Texas Rose (1" Screened)
Minus Texas Rose 1/2"
Texas Rose (1/2" Minus)
Texas Rose 1/2"
Texas Rose (1/2" Screened)
Texas Rose 1/4"
Texas Rose (1/4" Minus)
Texas Rose Rip Rap
Texas Rose Rip Rap