Fun Ways to Decorate for Halloween and Christmas in a Rock Landscape

Fun Ways to Decorate for Halloween and Christmas in a Rock Landscape

We’re heading into the festive season. We’ve got Halloween spooks to celebrate now and just around the corner will be the season for Santa, elves, snowmen, and all the wonders of Christmas.

That means it’s time to have some fun with your rock landscape. You may already have some of the materials you need on hand. If not, make a quick trip to MDI Rock and gather up some new stones. Then stop by a hobby store on the way home for paint, glue, and other accessories.

Spooky stones

Here’s a fun idea for Halloween. Turn small boulders into tombstones. Use washable paint, chalk, or markers to “etch” scary names and epitaphs onto the stones. (Test the paint or markers on a small area to be sure it will come off first.) Then dig a small hole and strategically place a plastic skeletal hand trying to make its way out of the “grave.”

You can also use chalk or washable paint to turn small boulders a ghostly white, then draw spooky eyes or scary mouths on them.

Another option: Paint a small boulder black, then twist together eight “legs” out of pipe cleaners to create a spider. Add eyes and an hourglass design to its “belly” for a creepy black widow. 

Jolly rocks

Fast forward to the Christmas season, and you can try stacking your small boulders into a snowman’s shape and paint or chalk them white. (Don’t attempt this with large boulders that could hurt someone if they topple.) Glue on smaller, dark-colored rocks for buttons, eyes and mouth. Top with a hat and scarf from a thrift store.

You can also create beautiful, festive designs in your yard with a combination of river rock, washable paint or chalk, and landscape glass. Consider strategically placing rocks and glass pieces to design a wreath, a Christmas tree, an angel, or a Santa Claus.

Traditional luminarias are another beautiful tradition and easy to make. Buy some sand, a package of brown or white paper lunch bags, and several small votive candles. Then add 2 cups of sand to each bag to weigh it down. Place a votive candle in each bag. Line a walkway or pathway with the bags, and light the candles at night for a warm, welcoming glow.

You can also try adding some live potted plants near your entryway for a festive look. Poinsettias are traditional, but bring them inside if it’s going to be too cold at night.

At MDI Rock, we’re happy to help you create a fun landscape. We supply a wide range of products for all sorts of uses at competitive prices. In addition to our many choices in decorative groundcovers, we provide rip rap, flagstone, topsoil, sand, gravel, and a huge selection of boulders. 

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