Seven Benefits of Using Rock for Landscaping

Seven Benefits of Using Rock for Landscaping

You have many options for ground cover for your yard and garden—grass, vines, low-growing shrubs, wood chips, even recycled rubber strips. But many people are finding rock landscaping is their best bet, for at least part of their yard.

There are lots of reasons for that. Take a look at seven of those reasons here.

  1. Rock is easy to maintain. Unlike a lawn, you never have to mow, water, or apply fertilizer to a rock landscape.  
  2. It doesn’t attract pests. Organic mulches such as wood chips can be a haven for termites, which, unfortunately, are common the Valley of the Sun. The last thing you want next to your house is a termite hotel. Rock is much less hospitable to the destructive critters.
  3. It stands up to foot traffic. Grass, vines, and other growing groundcovers can start looking pretty ragged when kids or pets romp through them or even when adults walk a particular path too often. Rock can handle the rough treatment.
  4. A rock mulch will last a long time. Wood chips or a similar organic mulch will start to break down as soon as it’s exposed to sun, wind, and other elements. That means you’ll have to replace it much sooner than you would a rock mulch.
  5. You can enjoy many choices. If you visit a good rock supply business, you’ll find an enormous range of rock landscaping products—including fine-grained products less than a quarter-inch in size, smooth 5-inch river rocks, giant boulders, and everything in between. Rocks products also come in a variety of colors, from soft pinks to dark ebony.
  6. Gravel or other rock products can improve drainage. While water will pool up in most types of soil, it can move freely through a gravel-covered pathway, so you don’t have as much puddling after a rainstorm.
  7. You can save money on an ongoing basis. With a rock landscape, you’re not spending money on gas and repairs for your lawnmower or on hiring a landscape maintenance company. Your water bill stays low winter and summer, and there’s no fertilizer to buy.

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