Seven Reasons a Rock Landscape Is Better Than Grass

Seven Reasons a Rock Landscape Is Better Than Grass

If you’re tired of mowing and watering your lawn, it may be time to think about getting rid of the grass altogether and switching to a rock landscape.

In the Phoenix metro area, you will find lots of benefits to switching to a more natural desert landscape.

Here are seven good reasons to make the switch.

  1. Lower water bills. People can use over 100,000 gallons of water a month keeping a desert lawn alive during the summer. Replacing that with a rock landscape that includes a few desert-adapted trees and plants can cut your water use by up to half.
  2. Lower maintenance costs. Rocks don’t require fertilizer applications or weekly mowing. They will occasionally require some weeding, especially after a heavy rain, but the maintenance is generally much lighter than with a lawn.
  3. Municipal incentives. Several of the municipal governments in the Phoenix metro area offer rebates for people who remove their turf and switch to xeriscaping. While the incentives may not cover all of your initial costs for the change, they can help. Check with your local government on whether they have a rebate program.
  4. HOA preferences. While in some parts of the country, homeowners’ associations (HOAs) require a lush, green lawn, that is often not the case in the Phoenix metro area. In fact, in neighborhoods with water conservation requirements, the HOA may not even allow a traditional lawn. Other HOAs may have minimum vegetation requirements that can easily be met with a few desert plants.
  5. Keeping up with the neighbors. Xeriscaping is becoming the thing to do in many neighborhoods, whereas lawns stick out like a sore thumb. By 2015, only about 15%of Phoenix residents had mostly turf landscaping. That’s a big change from the 1970s when most residents had a green lawn.
  6. Larger variety of materials. There are so many options with rock that you can use different types in different parts of the landscape—river rock in one section, gravel in another, flagstone somewhere else. Rock comes in sizes from less than 1/4 inch up to boulder size. You also have a beautiful range of colors to choose from—pinks, browns, golds, and even cobalt or copper landscape glass.
  7. Better for the environment. While we love the consistent sunny weather of the Valley of the Sun, living in a desert means our water supply is limited. We need to all do our part to make sure we don’t overtax our water supply. 

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