The Best Rock Groundcover For A Desert Landscape

The Best Rock Groundcover For A Desert Landscape

Choosing landscaping rock may seem like a straightforward process, but it actually requires more knowledge and skill than you think! That’s why it’s important you work with a team you can trust – like the specialists at MDI Rock. With more than 30 years of experience, MDI Rock is proud to be the largest locally-owned landscape rock supply company in Arizona! Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s dive into the matter at hand: determining the best rock groundcover for your desert landscape. 

When it comes to this feat, it’s not about choosing the best color for the overall look and feel of your property (although, that is important). No, it’s actually about the type of rock you invest in and its durability. At MDI Rock, we carry a wide variety of groundcover products, including 50 different colors and sizes.

Therefore, you have a large selection to choose from. In order to keep your head on straight, we encourage you to reach out to our team so they can walk you through the purchasing process. Especially since we have a lot of information to share with you regarding the type of purchase you need to make to enhance and protect your desert landscape. 

Landscaping Groundcover: Things To Know

Rock-based groundcover requires little to no maintenance, making it the ideal choice for homeowners looking to save as much money as possible for their desert landscaping project. You may be thinking: what’s the alternative?

Well, it’s common for homeowners in other climates to use plants and wood chips as a groundcover for their yard. While this can make for an aesthetically pleasing front or backyard, these materials are not recommended for desert landscapes because they’re alive, need constant replacing, and ultimately don’t last as long as a rock-based groundcover.

To snowball off this point a little more, rock-based groundcover doesn’t decompose like other elements, such as mulches, wood chips, and more. This makes rock groundcover ideal for walkways and driveways because it’s much more durable. Nevertheless, choosing the best type of rock groundcover for your project is important. For example, pea gravel and volcanic rock are not recommended to homeowners who live in hot climates like Arizona.

Now, for certain projects, there’s a place for them - so don’t be discouraged, but pea gravel, volcanic rock, and other stones with a similar makeup have a high capacity for absorbing and retaining heat. What does this mean? Well, to put it simply, they reflect heat off of their surfaces and they release heat when the sun goes down. These two factors can make your house hot and damage any nearby vegetation.

So, what’s the best rock groundcover?

The answer isn’t simple because it depends on your personal preferences as a homeowner. Still, when it comes to selecting a long-lasting groundcover, the team at MDI Rock often recommends products that fall under the “screened groundcover” category, typically 1” in size. This type of groundcover is durable, has little fines, and is a multipurpose landscape stone, making it ideal for desert landscapes!

Calico Rose 1”, Screen Cinnamon Brown ½” – 1”, Sized Madison Gold ¾”, and Screen Pink Coral ½” – 1” are just a few of our recommendations. So, what are you waiting for? Call MDI Rock today to learn more about groundcover for your desert landscaping project.