Tips to Bring Color to Your Desert Landscape

Tips to Bring Color to Your Desert Landscape

Arizona is a beautiful state that oftentimes gets a bad rap for its hot weather and lack of color. It’s true, brown is a pretty dominant hue throughout our state, but it’s also true that our desert plants and iridescent pink, orange, and purple sunsets/sunrises add color to Arizona’s unique landscape. Nevertheless, adding or bringing color to your front or back yard can have its challenges, mostly because there are so many plants and materials that cannot survive in our state’s extreme climate.

Fortunately, MDI Rock, Arizona's largest locally-owned landscape rock supply company, is here to guide you through your next landscaping project. Since 1988, MDI Rock has provided Arizonans with colorful, high-quality rock products for various landscaping needs. Whether it be commercial buildings or residential properties, MDI Rock has always strived to provide the best customer service in the Valley. As such, we know a thing or two about livening up a desert landscape with vibrant and complimentary stones.

Below are some of the “fan favorite” rock products at MDI Rock. These rocks have unique colors that bring color to your home, we guarantee it!

Apache Pink ­– This stone contains dark and light pink tones, which glisten beautifully when exposed to the sun. Because Apache Pink is different than the state quo brown and gold-colored stones we carry, our specialists often recommend it to customers who want to add a decorative look to their desert homes or commercial buildings. Apache Pink comes in several sizes and some of our blends are screened to remove fines and other rock particles.

Charcoal – This stone is often overlooked because of its dark gray appearance, which can sometimes clash with dark browns, but we typically recommend this product to customers with contemporary-style homes or commercial properties. Charcoal is also recommended for customers looking to complement modern, industrial buildings and sleek, chic homes. Talk to a member of our team to learn more about the aesthetic of Charcoal.   

Flagstone – This stone is derived from Ashfork, Arizona, and it comes in several different colors, including Sedona red, buff, and oak. This beautiful sandstone is chiseled into smooth strips, both big and small, by the MDI Rock team and it is delivered to your room down the street or across the nation. Flagstone can be used for flooring, patios, and pathways, depending on your project needs. 

Landscape Glass -  Landscape Glass is not a rock product, but it is something MDI Rock sells to provide customers with pops of color for their gardens, yards, and aquariums. This stunning glass product comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors, such as cobalt, amber, copper, and copper reflective. If you don’t see the color you want at our store, we can have it ordered and delivered to your property – just talk to a member of our team, and we’ll make it happen.

In addition to colorful stones, you can try these quick tips to bring color to your desert landscape:

  • Add colored foliage to your lawn, such as Grape Ivy, Primrose Jasmine, and Queen’s wreath. These desert plants can survive in the hot sun and don’t require lots of water.
  • Paint certain parts of your home or patio furniture bright colors to compliment some of the brown, more subdued tones in your front and back yard.

Need more inspiration? Talk to a member of our team today! We can share some of the projects we’ve been a part of in the past to help you generate a few ideas. Visit our Contact page to learn more.