What Is the Best Rock Landscaping for a Backyard with a Pool?

What Is the Best Rock Landscaping for a Backyard with a Pool?

It’s the time of year, time to escape the baking heat by splashing into a cool backyard pool.

If you’re ready for a new view as you lounge in your pool, or you’ve just installed a pool this year, you may be wondering what kind of landscaping makes sense around a pool.

Think about a design that works with your pool size and shape and your personality. Do you want curved garden paths to echo a rounded pool or do you prefer a straight, more angular look? 

For easy maintenance and to cut down on water costs—which will already be high enough thanks to the pool—minimize your use of grass. Instead, opt for various rock coverings. Flagstone, which comes in an array of colors including classic oak and rose, is a good choice to create paths through your backyard. 

You may also want to soften the landscape and prevent sunburn with shade, from either a shade structure or trees. Gazing up from the pool into a leafy canopy can feel sublime.

Before you invest in a tree or trees, though, be sure to find out whether the variety you like loses a lot of leaves. You don’t want to be cleaning leaf litter out of your pool all summer.

Consider adding a few other low-water plants to your backyard oasis. Succulents like cape aloe or Parry’s agave lend a cool feeling to your space. For a pop of color, add some bright perennials such as scarlet-colored firecracker penstemon or bright yellow desert senna.

You can create a sense of movement and complement the cool feeling of the pool with a “stream” of smooth river rock running through the landscape. For an even more meditative, serene effect, add a fountain or similar water feature. 

Once you’ve got any needed irrigation and plants installed, a small-sized gravel can fill in the rest of the area not covered by concrete. A minus ¼” calico rose or minus ¼” autumn gold could work well for this.

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